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At Nichanté Inzpr, we believe there is a better way to introduce African culture and fashion especially to the Asian market. A more valuable, and an even more inclusive way to fashion design where customers feel part of the process. We focus on African print designs and styles that accommodates all colours, shapes and sizes. It's one of the least understood principles to great customer satisfaction. It is our vivacious mission to make our customers feel great just as the models that showcase the designs. We promise that your Nichanté experience will be memorable and telling that story would not be any different.

Nichanté: brightening lives.

Where Does the Name "Nichanté" Come From?

Nichanté was inspired by the first name of the CEO and the enchantment she has on the people around her. Her unequivocal passion to engage all persons with openness, joy, integrity to achieve a common purpose has made her the most sought after for community programs. So anytime you hear or see Nichanté as a business brand, it simply means NICOLA ECHANTÉMENT. The French twist to the name is because French is her favourite language.


Our story....

Nichanté first started as an exhibitor at the first Seoul African Festival.  Several feedback during the festival encouraged us to fully commercialize. Taking such awesome product collection to the next level has been challenging with the most daunting task being the design of products that accommodate a wider range of fashion taste and culture. Finally, we did and we are so happy to share with our customers. We are kick-starting with our 2019 Summer Collection and with your participation in our product design process, we believe the future is bright.

At Nichanté Inzpire, we believe there is a better way to introduce African print designed clothes and fashion especially to the Asian market.

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